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Mumbai Institute of Science Technology

We aim at helping students in every possible manner so that overseas education is not a distant dream for them but a reality. With the world becoming a global hub, integration of economies and globalization, overseas education has become the need of the hour for many aspiring students. We aim at bridging the gap in what you have and what you can achieve. We are associated with some of the most reputed government funded institutes in the Russia. Each and every student enrolled with us is given utmost importance and the counselors shortlist the course and the university depending on the personal goals and choices of the student. More and more educational institutions from Europe, Australia and the US are approaching us for sending students to their colleges and universities but so far we are very pleased to be associated with promoting higher education from Russia in India.

In today's competitive environment overseas education has become a common feature. More and more students want to pursue their education from some of the top universities around the globe. We strive at providing whatever it takes for students to attain great heights. We provide unending guidance and support to students so that it is easier for them to make the correct decision about which country to choose, which course to opt for and most important which university to apply. We provide information regarding higher education in several countries - Russia, UK, USA, Singapore, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and Malaysia. The other services that we offer are Counseling, Visa Application and Processing, Admission Guidance, Exam Preparation, Pre-Departure and Post Arrival Support, Foreign Exchange, Accommodation etc.

Our team of experienced and able counselors aim at providing solutions to all the apprehensions that a student has before taking such an important decision. Career counseling, admission guidance and support at every step helps students fulfill their ambitions and make a strong beginning to a professional career. Counselors have studied and worked abroad and are aware of the intricacies of the business. There is a plethora of courses and universities but out of that big bunch which one would suit you best is a tough choice and we help you in making that choice. So carve a pathway to success and while you walk on that path we are with you to see you making your dream into reality.

Come let us build a prosperous new world together.

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Mumbai Institute of Science Technology

Mumbai institute of science technology . registered under the company’s act 1956 (MIST )offers Management, IT, Engineering, Medical, Professional and traditional courses leading to Graduation and Post-Graduation degrees and diplomas.

(MIST) delivers Regular, Distance & online courses through various approved universities. We are offering more than 700 Courses. We Commit to every student’s growth and build a healthy environment to chase higher education at an affordable cost.

MIST invite all those who share our goals and purpose to join hands in hand in our efforts to build a new team of professionals, who will contribute actively in the growth of this era of economic, liberalization and globalization.

Come let us build a prosperous new world together !

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To among the best global unified academy known for its involvement to education, leadership and brilliance.

Provide the right academic and specialized platform where you can obtain that indefinable spirit of leadership and entrepreneurship.


The mission behind this is to deliver a stage to aspirants aspiring for right career in any field which he or she fits in. MIST is dedicated to provide high quality education through regular & distance learning across the globe. The main benefit is elasticity of learning anytime anywhere.

At MIST we commit our intelligent resources to advancing the frontier of knowledge and educating future leaders. We guarantee that our students become skilled and successful in the shortest period and make a very cheerful future for better life.

Consequently, aspirants from our approved courses can be self-assured that they hold a nationally and internationally recognized award which will open doors and develop their Career opportunities.